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At DM GALLERIES™, our vision extends beyond showcasing exceptional art. We are deeply committed to making a positive impact on the environment. Our Giving Back Program is the embodiment of this commitment, where art becomes a catalyst for change and sustainability.

Partnering with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

 We have chosen to support the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), a globally recognized organization dedicated to preserving our planet. EDF's innovative approach to solving environmental challenges aligns with our ethos of creativity and impact.

Contribution with Every Purchase

For each piece of art sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the EDF. This means that with every purchase, our clients are not just acquiring a piece of extraordinary art but also contributing to vital environmental conservation efforts.


A Shared Journey of Impact

Our clients become partners in this noble cause. By choosing a piece from DM GALLERIES™, they join a community that values and actively supports the health and beauty of our natural world.

Transparency and Engagement

We believe in the power of transparency and engagement. Regular updates about the impact of our donations and stories from the field are shared with our community, creating a continuous connection between the art they own and the difference they make.

Art Inspiring Change

The Giving Back Program is our way of demonstrating that art can inspire and drive tangible change. It's about creating a legacy that extends beyond aesthetics, fostering a healthier planet for future generations.

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